Thursday, January 10, 2008

Princess Tea Party

Last weekend Hailey was invited to a Princess Birthday Tea party and though it was WAY above my budget, and not quite my style, I took pics because it was pretty and very fancy :)

This is Hailey very unhappy because I am forcing her to stand in one place to take her picture in her party dress. She preferred to spin, and really, can you blame her? Spinning is what makes dresses like this fun.

(RtoL)Hailey, Caroline, Sarah (birthday girl) and Ava at the party. It was girls only, no boys allowed! (Ava's daddy actually came, but he is like SUPERDAD, so it was OK)

Hailey and Sarah were big fans of the cookie tray, but they still left room for....

Tea! That's right! Three-year-old girls sat at a tiny table and drank decaffeinated (I asked) raspberry tea out of tiny tea cups and ate grilled cheese and pb&j sandwiches cut into hearts. It was very cutesy!

And finally, the cake, which I know is fancier than my wedding cake. All of this was edible, and it was even more fabulous in person.

So, that was mine and Hailey's foray into the world of high class tea parties. It was fun and very pretty, but don't be expecting Hailey's 3rd birthday to be anything like this. Those of you in the area, I hope you liked the SC Rec Center because it is lookin' darn good to my middle class self :)


Jonathan's Mommy said...

WOW! That is one cool party! It's nicer than most wedding receptions!

Hailey looks beautiful--it's hard to believe that she'll be three in just three months!

Rebecca said...

that's ridiculous... lol

but i bet it sure was fun! :-)

Beth said...

That looks like a fabulous birthday party!!!


Suzy said...

Hi Heather! Thanks for your comment on my page! WHERE DID YOU GET THAT CAKE???? I love it!!

Wendy said...

That is one fancy cake! WOWZA!

Trava said...

Good for people to know.