Thursday, March 29, 2007

Welcome to "Spin That Baby"

Max was officially 4 months old on Tuesday and it occurred to me that he may be ready to try the bouncer seat, so while I was making dinner yesterday I brought it upstairs. Max thought it was OK by himself, but soon Hailey noticed him and the fun was taken to a whole new level.
This is when a new game began in my home called "Spin That Baby." The game is simple and the rules are basic; Spin the baby until he spits up, or cries, or Mom catches you and places you in time out, whichever comes first.

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Max had a blast with this game, and as cute as it was, I know that I have just seen the tip of the "my brother is a toy" iceberg.
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I did get some cute pics, though!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I'm IT!

I have been tagged by Kim...I was wondering why Andrea didn't tag me :)

Four Jobs I Have Had
Blimpies/Baskin Robbins Employee
College Telecounselor/Recruiter
Regional Visual Merchandisor (Peebles)
Assistant Store Manager (Peebles)

Four Movies I Would Watch Over and Over
Steel Magnolias
The Princess Bride
Legally Blonde

Four Places I Have Lived
Fraziers Ass (Bottom), WV
Beckley, WV
Pike-Hell (ville), KY
Charleston, WV

Favorite Bands and Singers
Dixie Chicks
Christina Aquilera (I know...but she is so good)
Garth Brooks

Four Loves of my Life
my Hailey bear and Max-asaurous
Cam (when he isn't a complete a**hole)
my mom
my dad (also when he is not an a**hole, is there a pattern?)

Four Most Memorable Moments
Giving Birth
finding out I was pregnant, both times were surprises
saying my wedding vows
my first day at Concord

Four Favorite Foods
Ice Cream
Choc Chip Cookies
Cinn Life Cereal (I wonder why I have a weight problem?)

Four Places I Would Rather Be
the Outer Banks with my sister
on a cruise ship heading to the Carribean
anywhere warm and tropical with Cam and no kids (bad mommy moment)
taking a shower..........

So that is where I am going and in the spirit of Kim I will leave you with a fun pic of The Petersons (us)and The Fantonis at the beach in 2005.

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By the way, I tag Jennifer (as Andrea suspected) and Alicia :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


It has been a couple of days since I blogged, and I just wanted to let you all know that I have not grown bored and quit (I do that sometimes), but I have been sick, and now is the first time I have felt good enough to blog. Let's just say that you don't want me to describe how I was sick, I will say that it required lots of bathroom cleaning in the aftermath and leave it at that. :)
The fam had a good weekend. We went to Coonskin park and Cam played with Hailey on the playground and then we all walked around the lake. We tried to feed the ducks, but they were already full and annoyed by people hitting them with bread, so Cam, Max (in the stroller), and I followed Hailey around while she screamed "duckies." Strangely, this did not make them want to come near us, to Hailey's disappointment. My favorite part of the day was when we got to the dock and Hailey tried to jump in the water. I stopped her, but then she tried to take her clothes off (that is why she thought I wouldn't let her get in.) It was very hard to explain to Hailey that the water was yucky and we do not swim in yucky lakes, while trying to not laugh because she was very cute and serious. It was a good day, and though Hailey got her first two outside boo-boos of the season and Max slept through the whole thing, I loved it and can't wait to do it again!

Friday, March 23, 2007

BAD Mommy

Inspired by my friend Andrea I have decided to admit to some bad mommy moments and thoughts.......
1. I also hide books, Hailey has this huge stack in my bedroom where we rock before nap and I hide all but two before we rock. If I don't she will make me read them all and it takes forever. I also cannot stand "Go Dog Go" which is in the stack. I could move this huge stack to her closet, but then that would be work.
2.I let my daughter climb far too much, but it just so tiring to always be angry and saying "NO"
3. I REALLY want to scotch tape Max's Binky in his mouth, but don't so back off CPS :)
4. 9pm when all the kids are asleep is my favorite time of day
5. I also let Hailey eat Pringles and way too much pizza, but in my defense, she is extremely picky
6. I am a schedule freak with my kids and know that it is really good for them to have structure, but that is not why I am so, I admit that I do it mostly for me
7. I let Hailey watch a good amount of TV and it occurred to me this morning as Joy Behar was repeating the word "bitch", that maybe I need to stop
8. I haven't even started Max's baby book and Hailey's is only a tiny bit more done than his
9. I don't take enough pictures or videos of the kids
10. And finally, sometimes in a secret part of my brain for a small moment I wish I was single and without kids and dancing on a bar like in the old days, but then I see their faces and know I have it much better (right?) ;)
I will leave you with one of my favorite old pictures of Hailey and I at Max's current age, 4 you can tell she was a bit chunkier and I look a little rough, but I was a new mom so it's allowed.......
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Thursday, March 22, 2007


Today was one of those regular, everyday mommy days that seem to run together and make up the framework of a stay-at-home mom's life. The kids were fine, the dogs were annoying, and before I knew it, dinner was eaten, and the kids were asleep and I am exhausted. I often wonder why I am tired on Thursdays, because as I have said they are my easy day, but I think the early parts of the week start to catch up to me and then slam me on Friday. Hailey actually took a nap today (no sleepy time nudity) and Max didn't scream that much.
We tried to go to Coonskin Park and feed the ducks, but it started raining about 1/2 an hour in, so we packed up and left. Last year I had to follow Hailey on all the equipment (and believe me, at 4-5 months pregnant, it was a bit difficult maneuvering the tube), but today I realized that she didn't need me as much and that made me a little sad. This also made me realize that Max is almost 4 months old and will soon be old enough to try rice cereal and then possibly veggies and meats and fruits (I know, weird segueway, but my brain is a funny place.) I remember so clearly not being able to wait until Hailey reached this milestone. I had the highchair set up in the corner for months and had picked out a special bib and bowl. That day I strapped her in and set up the video camera, and I remember being so over the moon that my baby was eating a spoonful of cereal that I could not wait to try the jar food. I don't remember being that sad, but this time I am. I am actually putting it off and telling myself that the American Academy of Pediatrics breastfeed exclusively until 6 months, so I don't really need to give him any solids. I just can't believe that my infant is now a baby and will soon be doing all the things that Hailey did, but in his own unique way. I guess I just got slammed with how fast kids grow up and how much I am going to miss the infant, baby and toddlers that they have or will become, and how excited I am to see who they will be. I'm glad that I started blogging because at least now I have a record! Sorry so mom sappy, I think my Mirena has kicked me into a hormone overload :) I am going to bed before I start crying, but I will leave you with a cute pic I took the other day......
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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Kids Fix Everything

After my issues and thoughts yesterday, I decided that I wanted to take the kids to the park and we had a blast!

Hailey rode the bouncy squirrel (last year she wouldn't go near it), and LOVED it as you can see...
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She also went down the slide and loved that as well. As you can see she is filthy, but that is what play clothes are for :)...
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Nauni (my mom) came later and they had a blast going down the big slide. I swear the child has no fear, except of swings, she tried for about 2.1 seconds and decided that she still hates them...
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Max had fun just chillin' with bear and Binky....
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That was our day and it was so much fun. I wish we could go back today, but I have to grocery shop. Wish me luck and have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Thoughts on my crazy mom brain

I need to preface this blog with this statement: I am a crazy mom and crazy sensitive about my kids. Recently, I encountered a situation where I felt one of my kids was compared to someone elses and I lost it because mine did not measure up. I stewed and moaned about it all day to my hubby and debated on flying off the handle at this person, but in the end I decided that the person meant no harm and had no idea how insensitive they were being. They are just proud of their child and wanted others to know about it. I know that my child is exceptional and special and wonderful in their own way and I don't spend my time spouting about how my kids are better than the norm because I think every kid is better in some ways than others. I try really hard not to get caught up in the mommy-comparison game, but sometimes my evil side rears its ugly head and competitive rage will consume me. I hope that one day I can honestly let go and be OK with my children's strengths and weaknesses and not think about them in comparison to others because I don't want them to ever think that I am not proud of them. How do you do that I wonder? How do you encourage without stressing your child out or comparing them to others, whether it be consciously or subconsciously? Is this just going to be one of the infinite ways that I am going to screw my kids up? Probably, but I know there is still time, and I am aware of the problem, so there is still hope. I love Hailey and Max to no end and I do the best I can as their mom, and when it it feels like someone else believes that they are inferior, I feel inferior and all those old issues from high school and college come back. Because being a mom is my current chosen profession, I put way too much of myself into my kids and if one small thing is said in the negative I lose it for them and myself. I can't be the only one, though, so that is my only consolation. Crazy moms of the world unite and we shall figure out how we can least screw up the next generation!

Friday, March 16, 2007

My day off...or as close as I get

I usually consider Thursdays my day off because Hailey goes to preschool for three hours in the morning, and then naps until three when we get home. Before Max was born, the three hours were completely mine. I would go to Booksamillion, get a decaf latte, and read for an hour or two. I spend the time now playing with Max and letting him have 100% of me, which I hate that he hardly ever gets. He is so sweet and loves attention, but less demanding than Hailey, though I suspect that it is purely out of necessity.
Yesterday was Green Day at school (I don't think they can officially celebrate St. Patricks Day for fear of offending people, much like good ole E. Bunny at the mall) and Hailey looked super cute, as always...

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I also had to provide a green snack and after much thought I brought green grapes. I really wanted to go with Rice Krispy treats, but grapes seemed like the healthier option. One of Hailey's teachers pointed out that the RK Treats probably had less sugar, but oh well, and poo on her for ruining what I thought was a good mommy moment.
After Hailey returned from preschool, I put her down for her nap. Now, she usually doesn't really nap on Thursdays because she is so late getting down, but I make her chill in there anyway until three because she (and I) need the quiet time, well yesterday was no exception and I heard her chatting for the entire hour and 1/2, but she seemed fine. However, when I went to get her at 3, she was nude. No diaper, no clothes, and curled up in a ball. She wasn't crying and did not seem upset, she just pointed at her wet diaper and said pee-pee. She is actually refusing her nap at the moment, as well, and now I am scared that she is again naked, so I have already checked on her once. I couldn't help but laugh at her, though, and I was rather impressed that she didn't wet her bed at all.
After nap, Hailey spent the majority of the afternoon with baby in mommy's bijorn.

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She was very funny, bouncing "baby" just like mommy and imitating my shushing sounds. After "baby" came out of the bijorn it was time for a story, and she cracked me up when she made "baby" touch all the things in her touch and feel book. Watching her grow up and the stuff that she comes up with has been so funny and amazing! I can't wait to see Max learn and grow.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Today, not so perfect

The kids are following the weather and being grumpy. I have heard "no" from Hailey so many times that I want to ban it, but I know she is just expressing her independence. She spent the better part of the morning in time out because she refused to help mommy clean up a mess she made. I just am not sure where to draw the line on making her a good person and not making her a robot. I ask her to do things for me and she says no, and then I express that it is not nice, but I don't feel like I should force her to bring me things or to become my slave. However, I do want her to know that mommy is boss and she is to be minded. Oh well, I saw a comediene mom on The View yesterday joke that she is not worried about how she will screw her kids up because that will just make them more interesting people. I have a feeling my kids are going to be fascinating, much like myself :)

I brought my camera yesterday, but didn't take many pictures, so I only have this one of Max's first walk. He was riveted as you can see....
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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Perfect Mommy Day (so far)

I am having one of those rare perfect mommy days! Hailey is being an angel (or as close as she gets.) She peed in the potty two more times and has only tried to squish her brother once or twice. Max has hardly cried and taken naps when he has been tired (as opposed to screaming until he passes out which tends to be his favorite), and the best of all he slept from 9pm last night until 7:25am. I checked him at 7 when I woke up to make sure he was still alive. I am sure that he will not do this again until I am least expecting it, but it is nice to know that he has it in him. I just wish that I knew exactly what contributed to this long sleep so that I could do it again tonight, but alas, as most mommy stuff is, it is a crapshoot, so I will keep plugging along and hoping, until he is old enough to sleep train (which we will get to in later blogs.)
I am also so excited because Max is going on his first walk this afternoon! I get to put his cute little Nike hat on him and actually walk, which is my favorite way to exercise. I really need to drop some baby weight and am not motivated enough to eat perfect, so exercise should help some, or at the very least give me some endorphins and make me feel good. I am off to get ready and I will try to take some pictures now that I have figured out how to post them!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Last try and potty success

This is my last try at a pic of Max. This blogger thing is confusing for me, and I can't seem to find help, so if you know what I am doing wrong, please help :) I also cannot figure out how to put the blogs I frequent on my page or how to find someone's blog. I believe a friend of mine blogs here as well and I would like to find his page. Here goes with my last try at a Max pic.....
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YEAH!!! I think it worked!!!
By the way, Hailey peed in the potty twice this morning and I was finally able to impress upon her the fact that she gets an M&M for doing so. Potty training is looking doable, because I saw a little light in her eyes and a flicker of understanding about the process!! She may not be in diapers forever after all.

Introduction of me!

Hi! My friend Andrea started blogging here and I thought it seemed like a fun idea to be able to blog without everyone that I know reading it, so I joined too!
I am 28 (soon to be 29) with two wonderful children. Hailey is my oldest and she will be two in April and Max was born on November 27th of last year. I didn't plan on having them so close together, but I learned that you really should be diligent with your birth control. I am so happy that it turned out this way, and Max is the sweetest baby in the world. I cannot imagine my life without him, and am amazed every day with how much I am able to love my two little babies. That being said, Hailey can be a handful, she is very stubborn and willful, and Max looks like he is developing a strong personality as well, so I am in for a interesting 18 years. I am going to try to put pictures on here, so hopefully they will show up!
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