Sunday, March 11, 2007

Last try and potty success

This is my last try at a pic of Max. This blogger thing is confusing for me, and I can't seem to find help, so if you know what I am doing wrong, please help :) I also cannot figure out how to put the blogs I frequent on my page or how to find someone's blog. I believe a friend of mine blogs here as well and I would like to find his page. Here goes with my last try at a Max pic.....
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YEAH!!! I think it worked!!!
By the way, Hailey peed in the potty twice this morning and I was finally able to impress upon her the fact that she gets an M&M for doing so. Potty training is looking doable, because I saw a little light in her eyes and a flicker of understanding about the process!! She may not be in diapers forever after all.

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Kimberly said...

Hey it's Kim, Andrea's friend...Here's how you put blogs on your page (do you have new blogger? like when you sign in do you click on new blogger or old blogger.) If it's new blogger just sign in and go to "Template" then click on "Add a Page Element". Select the box that says "Link List" and ta can put blogs on your page.