Friday, March 23, 2007

BAD Mommy

Inspired by my friend Andrea I have decided to admit to some bad mommy moments and thoughts.......
1. I also hide books, Hailey has this huge stack in my bedroom where we rock before nap and I hide all but two before we rock. If I don't she will make me read them all and it takes forever. I also cannot stand "Go Dog Go" which is in the stack. I could move this huge stack to her closet, but then that would be work.
2.I let my daughter climb far too much, but it just so tiring to always be angry and saying "NO"
3. I REALLY want to scotch tape Max's Binky in his mouth, but don't so back off CPS :)
4. 9pm when all the kids are asleep is my favorite time of day
5. I also let Hailey eat Pringles and way too much pizza, but in my defense, she is extremely picky
6. I am a schedule freak with my kids and know that it is really good for them to have structure, but that is not why I am so, I admit that I do it mostly for me
7. I let Hailey watch a good amount of TV and it occurred to me this morning as Joy Behar was repeating the word "bitch", that maybe I need to stop
8. I haven't even started Max's baby book and Hailey's is only a tiny bit more done than his
9. I don't take enough pictures or videos of the kids
10. And finally, sometimes in a secret part of my brain for a small moment I wish I was single and without kids and dancing on a bar like in the old days, but then I see their faces and know I have it much better (right?) ;)
I will leave you with one of my favorite old pictures of Hailey and I at Max's current age, 4 you can tell she was a bit chunkier and I look a little rough, but I was a new mom so it's allowed.......
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Jonathan's Mommy said...

OMG, I remember when Hailey looked like that!! She was so cute with her chubby cheeks and now she is almost two! And I think you look beautiful as always!

Isn't it funny how we mommys have a stash of deep dark secrets?? I may need to do a blog like this of my own...

Wendy said...

I had a great time reading your blog. Loved this post. Boy can we all realte to most of them!! Great job blogging! Keep it up! I will be back!!