Thursday, March 29, 2007

Welcome to "Spin That Baby"

Max was officially 4 months old on Tuesday and it occurred to me that he may be ready to try the bouncer seat, so while I was making dinner yesterday I brought it upstairs. Max thought it was OK by himself, but soon Hailey noticed him and the fun was taken to a whole new level.
This is when a new game began in my home called "Spin That Baby." The game is simple and the rules are basic; Spin the baby until he spits up, or cries, or Mom catches you and places you in time out, whichever comes first.

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Max had a blast with this game, and as cute as it was, I know that I have just seen the tip of the "my brother is a toy" iceberg.
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I did get some cute pics, though!


Twin Mommy Law Chick said...

Hehehe…priceless. I love the second pic. Does it make us bad mommies that we take pictures of this stuff? I have pictures of the kids wrestling.

Just wait til Max is big enough to gang up on you with Hailey. Fun times. Or til they jointly decide to do something great like pull all the pillows off the couch and do gymnastics off the couch onto them. I’m a bad mom though and actually videoed this last night.

As for the clothes, maybe I’ll run to your house tomorrow at lunchtime?? I’ll call you.

Wendy said...

Hey, at least you got some good pics. That's what some of those moments are great for right?? I could have been worse, at least she was playing with him!! Tee hee.

Alicia said...

Hey Heather! Those babies are so cute and you weren't kidding about the cute pics. What a smile little Max has!

Great to see you on here. It's so much nicer on here than Myspace don't you think? I've been blogging on here since March '06 and started out blogging everyday but now I only blog every once and awhile. I think I'll get back to it! You and Jenn have inspired me!

Janice said...

Love it! I have one of those activity bouncers and Cameron can really go at it spinning Ava around. Oh, the stuff siblings do to each other... Wait until Max gets moving! It will be fun to see what they're up to!

Jonathan's Mommy said...

I love the second pic too! Could that boy be any cuter?

I'm so happy our bouncer seat is bringing you entertainment!!