Thursday, July 12, 2007

Fuquay Varina #1

These are some quick pics I took while visiting my sister-in-law. We had SO much fun and Hailey misses her cousin already.

Max and Hailey on the floor in the living room. Hailey is "cheesin'" for me.
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Hailey in the little car in front of their house. They had a little decline in front and Hailey loved going down the "mountain"
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Cousin Wesley. We have been told that Hailey and Wesley look like siblings and I think they do more so than Max and Hailey. He is so cute and much quieter than Hailey!
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I will post more after Cathie sends me some on email.


Janice said...

Wesley does look like Hailey! Glad you guys had a good time!!!

Jonathan's Mommy said...

Wesley is so cute and he and Hailey DO look a lot alike!! That picture in the Cozy Coupe reminded me I need to get Jonathan a helmet, too, as Auntie bought Laura one of those cars for him for his birthday!

I am going to give you a call this weekend as soon as I have a free minute. I think the first weekend of August will work just fine for a visit...

Stacy said...

Looks like you all had a good time! Great pictures- will look for more later!

Kimberly said...

Welcome back! You haven't posted in awhile. Hailey looks absolutely adorable in her helmet. Max has grown sooo much!

Susie PSU said...

Boy, they DO look a lot alike.