Monday, July 30, 2007

Still no pics :)

I seriously need to start carrying my camera everywhere because I am just not taking picture as much as I should. This past weekend in Lexington went well. Hailey was crazy, as usual, and I think I heard my uncle talking about a straitjacket, but only one small thing was broken while Hailey was doing a Spidergirl impression on the side of the deck, so I count it a successful visit. Max was an angel, and could not get enough of my Dad's girlfriend Lisa. I believe she has gotten his seal of approval :), and mine because she offered to babysit! I actually liked her before, but I am never opposed to a bit of sucking up.
Max is crawling everywhere and pulling up on anything within reach, so I know my days of chasing only one are numbered. I am trying to enjoy the bliss of this stage as long as I can. It is crazy how fast they grow up. I know this topic is discussed at length, but I am just shocked at how fast the last 8 months have gone. I miss my tiny delicate infant, but I wouldn't give up the sweet, smiley little man I have now for anything. I guess it will always be this way until they are teenagers, and then we will give anything to have our babies back. Some days I would actually trade Hailey in one of her temper tantrums for Hailey at around 8 months :), but only sometimes. She is learning so much and doing something amazing every day, and when I am in a good mood, the temper tantrums can actually be kinda cute (rarely, but it does happen.) She balls her fists up, squints her eyes, and screams, which is funny when we are not in public or Max isn't screaming.
This weekend Max and I are going to visit Jonathan's mommy and Hailey is having a daddy's weekend. I fully expect her to be full of junk food and literally hanging from the ceiling when I return. I think I may have even heard Cam mention something about golfing. He slyly asked if I was taking both kids, when he has known for weeks that I am taking only Max. Good try, though :) Hailey loves her dad and Cam is great father, so I trust him, and I really think this time will be good for him. Her brain won't completely rot if she watches 16 hours straight of TV, right? I can undo that, can't I? They'll be fine......?


Jonathan's Mommy said...

I can't wait for you guys to come!!! I am totally looking forward to seeing baby Max and I am hoping Jonathan won't be too jealouis. :)

Go Dad for having a new girlfriend! Can't wait to hear about that this weekend!!

Bryan said...

Do all dads get girlfriends? The suite awaits. We even changed the sheets (I think) and fluffed the pillows. As has been our policy in the past, turn-down service is provided at no extra charge and a continental breakfast will be served (Capt Crunch with Crunchberries assuming I've haven't finished the box by the time you get here). See you Friday night. JBF

Kimberly said...

Have fun in Ky!! And take lots of pics!