Wednesday, May 2, 2007

At Jenn's request....

It has been awhile since I posted, but things have just been a bit crazy. Nothing special really, my life is as uneventful as ever, but I suspect Max is teething, has developed RLS (restless leg syndrome, and I am kidding, I just watch too much TV), or hates me because he is not sleeping for more than 30-40 minutes at a time. (Break to get him from his crib, he has been down only 20 minutes) He used to sleep through the night and take these 2 hour afternoon naps, but hasn't for days and I am exhausted and my house looks really bad because he doesn't stay in an exersaucer/bouncy seat/on the floor/etc. for more than 5 minutes without screaming. I am sure you are thinking "she has spoiled him, he is addicted to being held", and first of all, I don't believe that is possible, but second he actually spends a lot of time crying because I can't hold him as much as I did Hailey. He is on Prevacid for reflux and it helps, but maybe it is still not enough and he is in pain still, I don't know. I seem to remember Hailey going through this around 5 months because she started rolling and moving, so I know that it will pass, it is just that while I am going through it is STINKS. I will probably sleep train him soon, but I gotta wait until after our vacation so I don't mess it up.

On a happier note, potty training for Hailey is going really well. She is completely what I call naked butt trained. We have a potty in the living room and she sits on it when she needs to go. I am so impressed and excited because it seemed like the scariest thing ever and we had some early issues, but I really think by the end of May she will be totally trained. If we really concentrated on it I think we could have it done this week, but I am in no rush. Yesterday I was making dinner and we have a bathroom off the kitchen and I put the potty seat on the real potty and showed her, hoping that she would use it there too, and she did twice! The best is that after dinner I forgot to bring it back into the living room and she stopped in the middle of playing to tell me that she had to potty. YEAH! I have been trying to get some pics of her on the potty, but she is so quick and I always forget :) I will try to post some soon.

So that is what the Petersons are up to....fascinating stuff huh :)


Wendy said...

SOunds like he is being just plain boy! Aren't they so different?! I actually do have resltess leg syndrome. It is no fun, and I wish that stuff actually helped. Funny though.... Did I email you questions or not? I can't remember. Let me know if I didn't, and if I did, I am sure well see them soon! :) My brain has a serious overload, and I can't remember.... but I think I did! Hope things slow down some for you!

Jonathan's Mommy said...

I am so happy you found time to post (which reminds me, I need to do a new one, too!). Even if it's just the day to day stuff, I still love to hear about what's going on with you!!

I am so sorry that Max is being difficult! Although I am sure it will pass, it always seems like it's never ending while you are in the midst of it! I hope he returns to sweet, happy sleeping baby again soon!

And I am also SO excited for you and the potty training success!! You rock and I expect you to tell me your secrets once you've gotten it all done! How awesome would only one kid in diapers be for you??

Janice said...

WOW! I am VERY impressed on Hailey going on the potty - and she just turned 2!!! YAY!!! What's the secret? I am very nervous about it.

You can never hold a baby too much, that's my motto. He's still so little and the more you hold him the more secure he'll feel - which of course is easier said than done since you also have Hailey's needs to attend to. But hang in there, you are doing an awesome job!!!!!!